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Navicula absoluta
Navicula angusta
Navicula antonii
Navicula aquaedurae
Navicula arvensis
Navicula broetzii
Navicula canalis
Navicula capitatoradiata
Navicula cari
Navicula cascadensis
Navicula caterva
Navicula cincta
Navicula concentrica
Navicula cryptocephala
Navicula cryptocephaloides
Navicula cryptofallax
Navicula cryptotenella
Navicula cryptotenelloides
Navicula difficillima
Navicula elginensis var. cuneata
Navicula elsoniana
Navicula erifuga
Navicula escambia
Navicula exilis
Navicula festiva
Navicula genovefae
Navicula germainii
Navicula gregaria
Navicula hambergii
Navicula heimansioides
Navicula hintzii
Navicula incertata
Navicula ingenua
Navicula jaagii
Navicula kotschyi
Navicula krasskei
Navicula lacuum
Navicula lanceolata
Navicula leptostriata
Navicula libonensis
Navicula longicephala
Navicula lundii
Navicula margalithii
Navicula menisculus
Navicula microcari
Navicula modica
Navicula namibica
Navicula notha
Navicula parablis
Navicula perminuta
Navicula praeterita
Navicula pseudoarvensis
Navicula pseudobryophila
Navicula pseudolanceolata
Navicula pseudoventralis
Navicula pupula var. aquaeductae
Navicula radiosa
Navicula recens
Navicula reichardtiana
Navicula reinhardtii
Navicula rhynchocephala
Navicula rostellata
Navicula salinicola
Navicula schadei
Navicula schmassmannii
Navicula seibigiana
Navicula staffordiae
Navicula subrhynchocephala
Navicula suchlandtii
Navicula supergregaria
Navicula symmetrica
Navicula tenelloides
Navicula tridentula
Navicula trilatera
Navicula tripunctata
Navicula trivialis
Navicula trophicatrix
Navicula tuscula var. stroesei
Navicula vaucheriae
Navicula veneta
Navicula vilaplanii
Navicula viridula
Navicula viridulacalcis
Navicula viridulacalcis subsp. neomundana
Navicula vitabunda
Navicula vulpina
Navicula wildii
Naviculadicta absoluta
Naviculadicta elorantana
Naviculadicta geisslerae
Naviculadicta raederae