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Encyonema angustecapitatum
Encyonema appalachianum
Encyonema auerswaldii
Encyonema gaeumannii
Encyonema hebridicum
Encyonema lange-bertalotii
Encyonema leibleinii
Encyonema lunatum
Encyonema minutum
Encyonema muelleri
Encyonema neogracile
Encyonema obscurum
Encyonema paucistriatum
Encyonema pergracile
Encyonema perminutum
Encyonema perpusillum
Encyonema reichardtii
Encyonema rostratum
Encyonema silesiacum
Encyonema subrostratum
Encyonema triangulum
Encyonema ventricosum
Encyonema vulgare