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Cosmarium abbreviatum
Cosmarium abbreviatum var. minus
Cosmarium amoenum
Cosmarium angulosum
Cosmarium angulosum f. rotundatum
Cosmarium asphaerosporum
Cosmarium asphaerosporum var. strigosum
Cosmarium bioculatum
Cosmarium bireme
Cosmarium blyttii
Cosmarium borgei
Cosmarium botrytis
Cosmarium botrytis var. mediolaeve
Cosmarium botrytis var. subtumidum
Cosmarium calcareum
Cosmarium circulare
Cosmarium commissurale
Cosmarium contractum
Cosmarium contractum var. minutum
Cosmarium cucumis
Cosmarium garrolense
Cosmarium granatum
Cosmarium impressulum
Cosmarium incertum
Cosmarium isthmium
Cosmarium ligoniforme
Cosmarium ligoniforme var. crassum
Cosmarium lomnicense
Cosmarium margaritatum
Cosmarium meneghini
Cosmarium microsphinctum
Cosmarium nymannianum
Cosmarium ornatum
Cosmarium pachydermum var. pusillum
Cosmarium phaseolus
Cosmarium phaseolus f. minus
Cosmarium protractum
Cosmarium pseudonitidulum
Cosmarium pseudopyramidatum
Cosmarium pseudotaxichondrum
Cosmarium punctulatum
Cosmarium punctulatum var. subpunctulatum
Cosmarium pyramidatum
Cosmarium regnellii
Cosmarium regnesi
Cosmarium reniforme
Cosmarium subcucumis
Cosmarium subtumidum
Cosmarium taxichondrum
Cosmarium tenue
Cosmarium tenue var. depressum
Cosmarium tinctum var. succisum
Cosmarium transitorium
Cosmarium trilobulatum
Cosmarium turpinii
Cosmarium undulatum
Cosmarium undulatum var. minutum
Cosmarium undulatum var. wollei