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Achyronychia cooperi
Agrostemma githago
Arenaria aberrans
Arenaria confusa
Arenaria fendleri
Arenaria lanuginosa
Arenaria lanuginosa subsp. lanuginosa
Arenaria lanuginosa subsp. saxosa
Arenaria lateriflora
Arenaria patula
Arenaria saxosa var. cinerascens
Arenaria serpyllifolia
Arenaria stricta
Cerastium arvense
Cerastium axillare
Cerastium beeringianum
Cerastium brachypodum
Cerastium fontanum
Cerastium fontanum subsp. vulgare
Cerastium glomeratum
Cerastium nutans
Cerastium pumilum
Cerastium texanum
Dianthus armeria
Dianthus barbatus
Dianthus deltoides
Drymaria glandulosa
Drymaria leptophylla
Drymaria molluginea
Drymaria tenella
Eremogone aberrans
Eremogone aculeata
Eremogone eastwoodiae
Eremogone fendleri
Herniaria cinerea
Herniaria hirsuta
Herniaria hirsuta subsp. cinerea
Loeflingia squarrosa
Minuartia douglasii
Minuartia obtusiloba
Moehringia lateriflora
Paronychia canadensis
Paronychia jamesii
Paronychia pulvinata
Paronychia sessiliflora
Pseudostellaria jamesiana
Saponaria officinalis
Silene acaulis
Silene antirrhina
Silene armeria
Silene bernardina
Silene californica
Silene campanulata subsp. glandulosa
Silene dichotoma
Silene douglasii
Silene drummondii var. drummondii
Silene gallica
Silene laciniata
Silene latifolia
Silene latifolia subsp. alba
Silene lemmonii
Silene menziesii
Silene petersonii
Silene plankii
Silene regia
Silene scouleri
Silene scouleri subsp. pringlei
Silene stellata
Silene thurberi
Silene verecunda
Silene virginica
Silene vulgaris
Silene williamsii
Silene wrightii
Spergularia marina
Spergularia media
Stellaria calycantha
Stellaria cuspidata
Stellaria graminea
Stellaria longifolia
Stellaria longipes
Stellaria media
Stellaria nitens
Stellaria pubera
Stipulicida setacea
Wilhelmsia physodes