Aquatic Sediments Collection (NEON-ASC)

This collection contains sediment samples collected during sediment collection bouts at NEON aquatic sites (NEON sample class: asc_fieldDataStation_in.archive1SedimentSampleID, asc_fieldDataStation_in.archive2SedimentSampleID, asc_fieldDataStation_in.archive3SedimentSampleID, asc_fieldDataStation_in.archive4SedimentSampleID). Samples are collected annually in the fall which is the period of baseflow for most domains. During a sediment sampling bout, domain staff collect point samples from multiple depositional zones in a sampling station (e.g., 250 m reach in streams and rivers, lake center, lake littoral zone) and combine all point samples into a single station-level aggregate sample. The aggregate sample is first subsampled and shipped to an external laboratory for analysis of chemical and physical properties. The remaining sediment is sieved (2,000 µm) and subsampled into four replicates for archival. Each sediment archive sample is stored at -20 C in a 60 mL amber glass jars with a PTFE lid. See related links below for protocols and NEON related data products.

Aquatic Sediments Sample

Contacts: NEON Biorepository,
Collection Manager: Azhar Husain,
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Sediment physical properties data product:
Collection Type: Preserved Specimens
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Global Unique Identifier: 2bc93d42-a1e9-4d3a-bd9a-502580c69101
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Aquatic Sediments Collection. Occurrence dataset (ID: 2bc93d42-a1e9-4d3a-bd9a-502580c69101) accessed via the NEON Biorepository Data Portal,, 2024-06-18).
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