Fish Collection (DNA Extracts) (NEON-FISC-DNA)

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This collection contains genetic extracts from select fish collected during fish sampling at aquatic sites (NEON sample class: mam_barcoding_in.dnaSubsampleID.fsh). Fish are sampled using a combination of electrofishing, gill-nets and mini-fyke nets in wadeable streams and lakes. Fin clips are collected from 5-10 individuals of a target species. Tissues are preserved in an appropriate tissue vial and shipped to an external lab. DNA is extracted and target sequences amplified via PCR. Barcodes of cytochrome oxidase are generated per specimen. Genetic extracts are stored dehydrated in 96-well plates from the Canadian Centre for DNA Barcoding are archived in the NEON Biorepository at -80 degrees Celsius. When eluted into 20 uL, concentrations of 5-30 ng/uL are expected. See related links below for protocols and NEON related data products. Information about the Canadian Centre for DNA Barcoding can be found at

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Contacts: NEON Biorepository,
Collection Manager: Azhar Husain
Fish electrofishing, gill netting, and fyke netting counts data product:
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Collection Type: Preserved Specimens
Management: Live Data managed directly within data portal
Global Unique Identifier: 1eafb9fa-1cfe-430e-8881-0bddd0dd2ede
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NEON Biorepository Data Portal (2024). NEON Biorepository Fish Collection (DNA Extracts). Occurrence dataset accessed via the NEON Biorepository Data Portal, on 2024-04-17.
Collection Statistics
  • 1,733 specimen records
  • 1,733 (100%) georeferenced
  • 1,024 (59%) with images (1,026 total images)
  • 517 BOLD genetic references
  • 1,649 (95%) identified to species
  • 19 families
  • 52 genera
  • 102 species
  • 103 total taxa (including subsp. and var.)
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