Surface Water Microbe Collection (Sterivex Filters) (NEON-SWMC-SF)

This collection contains surface water microbe samples collected on 67 mm long, 1.7 cm diameter, 0.22 um Sterivex capsule filters (NEON sample class: amc_fieldCellCounts_in.archiveID). Surface water microbe samples are collected at the same time and location as surface water cell count samples and surface water chemistry samples once per month in wadeable streams (12 times per year) and every-other month in lakes and rivers (6 times per year). Details on sampling locations and timing are provided in the NEON document titled Surface Water Chemistry Sampling in Aquatic Habitats ( In wadeable streams, surface water microbe samples are collected near the downstream S2 sensor location. In lakes, microbial samples are collected near the the 'buoy', 'littoral 1', and 'littoral 2' sensors, and sampling depth(s) is dependent on lake stratification. In rivers, microbial samples are collected near the buoy sensor. Water samples are filtered on 0.22 um Sterivex capsule filters, capped and flash-frozen in the field. Sterivex filters are archived at the NEON Biorepository at -80 degrees Celsius. See related links below for protocol.
Contacts: NEON Biorepository,
Collection Manager: Azhar Husain
Bioinformatician: Laura Rocha Prado, (ORCID #: 0000-0003-1237-2824)
Collection Type: Preserved Specimens
Management: Live Data managed directly within data portal
Global Unique Identifier: 10d96d50-a50c-43ac-8419-ab9fd02bef37
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NEON Biorepository Data Portal. 2023. Surface Water Microbe Collection (Sterivex Filters) (repackaging of occurrences published by the NEON Biorepository Data Portal) Environmental Data Initiative. (Accessed via the NEON Biorepository Data Portal,, 2023-03-27).
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