Benthic Macroinvertebrate Collection (Oligochaetes) (NEON-BMIC-OL)

SAMPLES ARE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE. Please contact the NEON Biorepository for information about when these samples will become available. Oligochaete subsample from the taxonomy laboratory (NEON sample class: inv_persample_in.oligochaeteVialID). Benthic macroinvertebrates are sampled using a percent-based macrohabitat approach. Habitats sampled focus on riffles, runs, and pools depending on the percent cover of each habitat within each 1 km-long NEON Aquatic wadeable stream site, and pelagic and littoral samples in lakes and non-wadeable streams (or rivers). Five samples for morphological taxonomy are collected in the dominant habitat type (wadeable stream) or littoral area (lake and river), and three samples for morphological taxonomy are collected in the sub-dominant habitat type (wadeable streams) or pelagic area (lakes and rivers). An additional three samples for DNA metabarcoding are collected in the dominant habitat type, for a total of eight taxonomy samples plus three DNA samples (11 samples total) on a given sampling date at a site. Field protocols differ depending on the habitat and substrate being sampled. However, all samples are collected from the surface of the natural substratum in each habitat. Oligochaete subsamples are preserved in 70-95% ethanol and archived in a temperature (17-18°C) and humidity controlled environment. See AOS Protocol and Procedure: Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Sampling and NEON Aquatic Sampling Strategy ( for more information about this sample class. NEON datasets ( associated with this sample class include Macroinvertebrate Collection and Macroinvertebrate DNA Barcode.
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