Benthic Microbe Collection (Sterivex Filters) (NEON-BEMC-SF)

This collection contains benthic microbial samples collected on 0.22 um Sterivex capsule filters (NEON sample class: amb_fieldParent_in.archiveID). Benthic microbe samples are collected 3 times per year at the same time and location as periphyton (microalgae) samples, three times per year in wadeable streams during aquatic biology bout windows, roughly in spring, summer, and fall. Benthic microbes are not collected in lakes and rivers. Samples are collected using field-sterile methods using the most appropriate sampler for the habitat and substratum type, including rock scrubs, grab samples, and epiphyton. In wadeable streams, periphyton samples are collected in the two most dominant benthic habitat types (e.g. riffles, runs, pools, step pools). Microbial samples are collected either as whole sample (plant or sediment grab) or on 0.22 um Sterivex SVGP capsule filters, depending on substratum type at the site. Sterivex filters are capped and flash-frozen in the field and then shipped to the Biorepository to be archived at -80 degrees Celsius. See related links below for protocols and NEON related data products.
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