Particulate Mass Filter Collection (NEON-PMFC)

This collection contains quartz microfiber particulate mass filters (NEON sample class: dpm_fieldData_in.sampleID and dpm_filterBlank_in.sampleID). Particulate mass sampling is executed at six of NEON's terrestrial sites, located in Domains 10, 13, and 15. The subset of sites included for sampling are those in the Basin and Range, Eastern and Western slopes of the Rocky Mountains, and the Eastern plains of Colorado. This selection of sites enables focus on transportation of particulate matter from the Great Basin and the Colorado Plateau by prevailing westerly winds over the Colorado Rocky Mountains, to receptor sites in the Rockies and Great Plains. Samples are collected by an automated assembly that pulls air through a quartz microfiber filter with a porosity of 10 micrometers, to collect PM10. Filters are weighed at high precision pre- and post-deployment at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Air Resources Laboratory to determine dust deposition mass. Filters are then shipped to the Biorepository to be archived at 4 degrees Celsius in air-tight plastic sleeves. Subsamples of the filters are available to the science community upon request to enable the assessment of chemical and nutrient inputs in the region. Additionally, 5 filter blanks from each box of filters are archived and available upon request. See related links below for protocols and NEON related data products.

PM-10 Filter

Contacts: NEON Biorepository,
Collection Manager: Laura Steger, (ORCID #: 0000-0002-0878-4132)
Dust and particulate size distribution data product:
Collection Type: Preserved Specimens
Management: Live Data managed directly within data portal
Global Unique Identifier: e9a809ad-015f-40bb-8633-b0fc468d5c64
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NEON Biorepository Data Portal. 2024. Particulate Mass Filter Collection (repackaging of occurrences published by the NEON Biorepository Data Portal) Environmental Data Initiative. (Accessed via the NEON Biorepository Data Portal,, 2024-05-30).
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