Soil Microbe Collection (Bulk Subsamples) (NEON-SOMC-BS)

Soil subsamples for microbial sequencing analyses (NEON sample classes: sls_soilCoreCollection_in.geneticArchiveSample1ID, sls_soilCoreCollection_in.geneticArchiveSample2ID, sls_soilCoreCollection_in.geneticArchiveSample3ID, sls_soilCoreCollection_in.geneticArchiveSample4ID, sls_soilCoreCollection_in.geneticArchiveSample5ID). At most sites, sampling bouts occur three times during the year in order to capture the prevailing conditions at the site during different seasons. Samples are collected on dry ice in the field and archived at -80 degrees Celsius. See TOS Protocol and Procedure for Soil Biogeochemical and Microbial Sampling and TOS Science Design for Terrestrial Microbial Diversity ( for more information about this sample class. NEON datasets ( associated with this sample class include Soil Microbe Community Composition, Soil Microbe Biomass, Soil Microbe Metagenome Sequences, Soil Microbe Marker Gene Sequences, and Soil Microbe Group Abundances.
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