Mammal Fecal Sample Collection (NEON-MFSC)

Fecal sample collected from a small mammal during small mammal sampling (NEON sample class: mam_pertrapnight_in.fecalSampleID). The goal of the NEON small mammal sampling is to document the diversity, population sizes, and pathogen prevalence of small mammals through time. These parameters are assessed through a mark-recapture live trapping study (using Sherman live traps) and associated tissue collection. Each pathogen grid at terrestrial sites is trapped for 3 consecutive nights within a sampling period, while the remaining grids (i.e., diversity grids) are sampled for only one night within a sampling period. Sampling occurs year-round at a monthly (at core sites only) or approximately every other month frequency (at relocatable sites), if resources are available and winter weather conditions permit. Fresh, uncontaminated feces are collected from an animal using either forceps or scooping the sample directly with the cryovial. Fecal samples are archived in the NEON Biorepository at -80 degrees Celsius. See TOS Protocol and Procedure: Small Mammal Sampling ( for more information about this sample class. NEON datasets ( associated with this sample class include Small Mammal Box Trapping and Small Mammal Sequences DNA Barcode.
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Collection Type: Preserved Specimens
Management: Live Data managed directly within data portal
Global Unique Identifier: faa8a6e6-b2cd-4cda-9f17-a23972cabaec
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Usage Rights: CC0 1.0 (Public-domain)
Collection Statistics
  • 7,575 specimen records
  • 7,575 (100%) georeferenced
  • 6,817 (90%) identified to species
  • 5 families
  • 23 genera
  • 73 species
  • 73 total taxa (including subsp. and var.)
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