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Besseya arizonica
Besseya plantaginea
Buddleja marrubiifolia
Buddleja utahensis
Leucophyllum frutescens
Limosella acaulis
Limosella aquatica
Limosella pubiflora
Maurandella antirrhiniflora
Maurandya antirrhiniflora
Mimulus mephiticus
Mohavea confertiflora
Neogaerrhinum filipes
Orthocarpus purpurascens
Sairocarpus nuttallianus
Scrophularia laevis
Scrophularia lanceolata
Scrophularia macrantha
Scrophularia marilandica
Scrophularia montana
Scrophularia parviflora
Synthyris laciniata
Verbascum blattaria
Verbascum thapsus
Verbascum virgatum