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Adiantum aleuticum
Adiantum capillus-veneris
Adiantum pedatum
Argyrochosma dealbata
Argyrochosma fendleri
Argyrochosma incana
Argyrochosma limitanea
Argyrochosma limitanea subsp. limitanea
Argyrochosma limitanea subsp. mexicana
Argyrochosma microphylla
Aspidotis californica
Aspidotis densa
Astrolepis cochisensis
Astrolepis integerrima
Astrolepis sinuata
Astrolepis windhamii
Bommeria hispida
Cheilanthes alabamensis
Cheilanthes bonariensis
Cheilanthes covillei
Cheilanthes eatonii
Cheilanthes feei
Cheilanthes fendleri
Cheilanthes gracillima
Cheilanthes horridula
Cheilanthes lendigera
Cheilanthes lindheimeri
Cheilanthes parryi
Cheilanthes pringlei
Cheilanthes tomentosa
Cheilanthes villosa
Cheilanthes wootonii
Cheilanthes wrightii
Cheilanthes yavapensis
Cryptogramma acrostichoides
Myriopteris lindheimeri
Notholaena aschenborniana
Notholaena californica
Notholaena grayi
Notholaena grayi subsp. grayi
Notholaena grayi subsp. sonorensis
Notholaena greggii
Notholaena lemmonii
Notholaena standleyi
Pellaea atropurpurea
Pellaea brachyptera
Pellaea breweri
Pellaea bridgesii
Pellaea intermedia
Pellaea lyngholmii
Pellaea mucronata subsp. mucronata
Pellaea ovata
Pellaea ternifolia subsp. arizonica
Pellaea truncata
Pellaea wrightiana
Pentagramma triangularis subsp. maxonii
Pentagramma triangularis subsp. triangularis