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Harpalus affinis
Harpalus amputatus
Harpalus amputatus amputatus
Harpalus animosus
Harpalus atrichatus
Harpalus caliginosus
Harpalus cautus
Harpalus compar
Harpalus cordifer
Harpalus desertus
Harpalus ellipsis
Harpalus erraticus
Harpalus erythropus
Harpalus fraternus
Harpalus fulvilabris
Harpalus fuscipalpis
Harpalus gravis
Harpalus herbivagus
Harpalus indigens
Harpalus innocuus
Harpalus katiae
Harpalus laticeps
Harpalus nigritarsis
Harpalus obliquus
Harpalus obnixus
Harpalus opacipennis
Harpalus paratus
Harpalus pensylvanicus
Harpalus protractus
Harpalus providens
Harpalus retractus
Harpalus reversus
Harpalus rubripes
Harpalus rufipes
Harpalus solitaris
Harpalus somnulentus
Harpalus spadiceus
Harpalus vagans
Harpalus ventralis