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Taxa: Mimosa quadrivalvis, Mimosa quadrivalvis var. angustata (Leptoglottis angustisiliqua, Leptoglottis chapmanii, Leptoglottis microphylla, Schrankia angustata, Schrankia microphylla, Schrankia uncinata, Morongia angustata, Morongia microphylla, Morongia uncinata, Mimosa microphylla), Mimosa quadrivalvi... (show all)
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Mimosa microphylla Sm. ex Steud.
244424Nicolás García   44612015-07-09
United States, Alabama, Bibb, United States: Alabama: Bibb County. Talladega National Forest; Oakmulgee Wildlife Management Area. Mayfield Creek; Forest Road 50/731, just west of intersection with Forest Road 723. Elev. 80 m Roadside. Lat. 32.96651N Long. 87.40751W Datum: WGS84., 32.96651 -87.40751

Terrestrial Plant Collection (Herbarium Vouchers)

NEON02BUWK.V. Martin   7482019-08-06
United States, Georgia, Baker, Domain 03, Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center. South of Highway 91. East of Ichawaynochaway Creek. East of Lower Pasture Rd. Northeast of NEON Tower, NEON Plot JERC_060., 31.19866723 -84.46531076

NEON05FP8K. Hill   12021-06-02
United States, Kansas, Riley, Domain 06, Konza Prairie Biological Station NEON, Riley county, 39.098 -96.564, 403m

Page 1, records 1-3 of 3

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