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Aquatic Plant, Bryophyte, Lichen and Macroalgae Collection (Herbarium Vouchers [Standard Sampling])

NEON00YVL   2016-07-12
United States, Colorado, Yuma, Domain 10, Arikaree River Site, CORE, 39.758206 -102.447148, 1179m

Aquatic Plant, Bryophyte, Lichen, and Macroalgae Collection (Herbarium Vouchers [Clip Harvests])

NEON00YXG   2016-08-09
United States, Alaska, North Slope, Domain 18, Toolik Lake Site, re - Reach, 68.632676 -149.607126, 715m

SEINet Portal Network Botanical Specimens

00967679Dina Clark   27352008-06-25
United States, Colorado, Yuma, Approx. 12 miles northwest of Idalia, along the Arikaree River, east of County road U., 39.75888 -102.422631, 1163m

KHD00025677Dina Clark   27602008-08-14
United States, Colorado, Yuma, Approx 12 mi NW of Idalia, along the south side of the Arikaree River, east of County Road U. T3S R45W SEC30, 39.758821 -102.451335, 1187m

R. F. Thorne   15691946-07-17
United States, Georgia, Baker, Big Cypress Creek, 2 mi W of Field Station, 31.179572 -84.472976, 40m

UNA00050828Michelle Birk | Michelle Birk #   1751994-09-09
United States, Alabama, Hale, Talladega Wetland research area, @ Co. Rd. 49; [2.0 mi. NW Payne Lake; 17.2 mi. due NE Greensboro] Talladega National Forest, Oakmulgee Division, 32.91167 -87.44195

Potamogeton diversifolius var. diversifolius
UNA00029025Michelle Birk | Michelle Birk #   2121994-09-09
United States, Alabama, Hale, Beaverpond @ Co Rd 49. T22N R6E S2, 32.91083 -87.44305

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