Dataset: SEINet-Plants
Taxa: Lythraceae
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SEINet Portal Network Botanical Specimens

UNA00018995L. J. Davenport | L. J. Davenport #   
United States, Alabama, Tuscaloosa, detailed locality information protected

Rotala ramosior (L.) Koehne
UNA00019129Robert R. Haynes | Robert R. Haynes #   80671980-08-04
United States, Alabama, Hale, Big Brushy Creek, ca. 14 mi. due NW of Greensboro N1/2 Sec. 4, T21N, R3E, 32.82778 -87.78889

Lythrum californicum Torr. & A. Gray
Elinor Lehto   L98031967-10-07
United States, Arizona, Pima, 5.8 miles west of AZ Highway 83; Greaterville Junction on Greaterville Road, 31.7639 -110.848

Lythrum californicum Torr. & A. Gray
BRIT12769R. J. O`Kennon   186352003-06-27
United States, Texas, Wise, LBJ National Grasslands, Unit 49. Fs 910 ca 0.5 mi N of Co Rd 2360. Research site: LBJ National Grasslands, 33.3251 -97.5811, 301m

Freeman, C.C.   77681977-06-16
United States, Kansas, Riley, Dewey Ranch, Konsa Prairie, South Pasture, 39.097156 -96.569174

516102Clarence L. Forsling   2771919-08-27
United States, New Mexico, Dona Ana, Jornada Range Reserve: Ropes Springs., 32.6754 -106.56489, 1677m

516100Jacob D. Schoeller, A. F. Hough   4111923-10-04
United States, New Mexico, Dona Ana, Jornada Range Reserve: Ropes Springs; Pasture 11., 32.67589 -106.5596, 1723m

516101R. F. Copple   3381921-08-09
United States, New Mexico, Dona Ana, Jornada Range Reserve: 0.5 mi E of Sewell Windmill, Shultz Canyon pasture 11., 32.66369 -106.5725, 1631m

Lythrum alatum var. lanceolatum (Elliot) Torr. & A. Gray ex Rothr.
TROY000021325Robert Kral   468491972-05-29
United States, Alabama, Greene, By Warrior River by ALA 14, ca. 4.2 mi E of Eutaw, 32.821166 -87.821434, 37m

Page 1, records 1-9 of 9

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